1. My BHP was my ESP pistol back in the beginning days of IDPA (’97-’99). It was an extremely reliable pistol and sufficiently accurate for the game. It has some C&S internals that slicked the trigger pull and got rid of hammer bite. And no mag disconnect safety. But in late ’99, I got a Para P18 9mm and it became my ESP pistol. The Para had a much better trigger and sights and was also reliable and accurate. The Browning became a safe queen.

    Fast forward to 2009. I had the BHP refinished with Duraguard with the slide black and the lower a LaRue UDE color. Then a threaded barrel fitted to it for use with my YHM suppressor.

    Still an awesome gun and loves the subsonic 147 gr ammo I feed it now. It is still one of the few pistols I own that has never gagged or malfunctioned no matter the conditions or ammo quality.

  2. For collection or ocasional shooter it is a great gun… for competitors not so much; If your are not a “good” gunsmith don´t even bother… horrible action and really hard to work on… agreed the I´m a trigger snob but this gun is way out…

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