Top Shot All-Stars Episode 2: Run-on Recap

Spoiler alert, if you’ve not seen episode 2 of Top Shot All-Stars, I’m going to ruin the ending for you. Also, Kirk dies in the new Star Trek movie but they bring him back to life with Benedict Cumberbactch’s blood. Seriously, that happens. HERE WE GO

Alright, we’re back and it’s episode 2 and man, I am really enjoying that there just isn’t any of the “in the house” stuff going on in this season of the show, but oh man trick shots I do love me some tricky shooting, of course every team thinks that they’re the best prepared after practice and Pete’s comment about “women and children” on their team made me lolforreals so anyway a bunch of fairly boring shooting shooting happens and then Gunny Zins doesn’t smoke the axe-head shot like I thought but still does well enough to send Blake’s squad (oh yeah they had teams this episode) to the proving ground range where they have to take a 60 yard shot with an iron-sighted Henry rifle so my boy Blake ends up in the elimination challenge against Kyle who is a cop from the PNW and seems like a cool story.bro and also man Blake keeps talking about “this is how we do in Louisiana/the Bayou/Cajun country” but holy s*** it’s a tiebreaker bro and oh man I’m pulling for Blake but he misses with the .22 LR shooting a gumball because he nicked the tip (just the tip) of the tee the gumball was sitting on so that doesn’t count and he loses to the PNW Cop, but hey, at least Adam didn’t try to backstab him this time.



  1. “Also, Kirk dies in the new Star Trek movie but they bring back to life with Benedict Cumberbactch’s blood.”


  2. Thank you for the Adam quip. Sincerely, thank you. That little BS line in the 1st ep. about ratfinking was just a poke in the eye…made me all grumbley and butt-inconvenienced (not quite hurt.)

    I’m okay with the “fairly boring shooting shooting” because, you know…guns.


      1. Lucky man. It was tossed out in one of the cutaway interviews. Something along the lines of “I don’t think there’ll be any blah-blah or ratfinking in the house this season…”

        My first thought was, “Dude, time-to-move-on has come and gone…you need to catch up.”
        My second thought was grumbling butt-inconvenience.


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