Friday? Time for Tales of the Gun!

Today’s installment is all about the history of Colt. Colt Mfg. has played a crucial role in the history of firearms and has on the whole made some of the most desirable weapons the world has ever seen. The Peacemaker, 1903 “Hammerless”, the 1911, the Python, and some of the most well-made versions of the AR-15 platform available on the commercial market. Then, of course, there’s this:

Colt Special Combat Government model

…which I encountered in the flesh yesterday and now she will haunt my dreams like the specter of a long forgotten past calling you to where you somehow know you have always belonged. Or like a flirty striper who is going to take all your money and ruin your life. I happen to have a particular fetish for custom 1911’s in two tone…especially ones with the old-school commander-style hammer. I’d happily ruin the very nice trigger job on the Special Combat just to have the aesthetic satisfaction of that proper commander hammer. There’s just something about a 1911 with a prancing pony on the side that seems…well…right. Anyway, on with the video!


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