2013 IDPA Indoor Nationals Results

Over the weekend, IDPA held the 2013 Indoor Nationals at the S&W facility in Springfield, MA. Over 250 shooters attended the match, which consisted of 13 stages (one of which was tossed).

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I didn’t shoot the Indoor Nationals this year; while I had a good match last year and finished in the top 5 of CDP, I can honestly say that the thought of flying all the way to MA in the middle of January to shoot less than 200 rounds didn’t really seem too appealing. Indoor Nats is a great match…but Massachusetts in February? Not so much. Here are the winners from the 2013 IDPA Indoor Nationals, with commentary after the results:

Custom Defensive Pistol

  1. Dan Burwell
  2. Glenn Shelby
  3. Dave Olhasso
  4. Chris Chamberlain
  5. Craig Buckland

Enhanced Service Pistol

  1. Brandon Wright
  2. James McGinty
  3. Morgan Allen
  4. Gordon Carrell
  5. Scott Warren

Stock Service Pistol

  1. Bob Vogel
  2. Rob Tate
  3. Randi Rogers
  4. David Dolio
  5. Ricardo Zanotti

Enhanced Service Revolver

  1. Jerry Miculek

Stock Service Revolver

  1. Josh Lentz

High Lady

  • Randi Rogers

Obviously, it’s no surprise to anyone that Bob Vogel won SSP again. His margin of victory over Rob Tate, who also took 1st Master behind Bob at the 2012 Nationals shrank a little bit, and his margin of victory in overall time was only 14 seconds or so this time. Brandon Wright continues to improve his performance in ESP, and as long as he keeps stepping up his skills is going to be a force. Congrats to Dan Burwell for finally knocking off the 1-2 combo of Glenn Shelby and Dave Olhasso in CDP. For the last several years CDP has been the two of those going back and forth with each other, so it’s refreshing to see another name on the top of the list.

Honestly, the most interesting result as a reporting is High Lady; with Randi Rogers finishing 3rd overall in SSP, and absolutely crushing the remaining women shooters. The next closest shooter was almost 60 seconds behind Randi’s pace; and Team Glock’s Michelle Viscusi finished a dismal 82 seconds behind Randi. To explain how well Randi shot the match, we’ll compare her score to Bob Vogel’s. Bob shot the match with a final score of 154.37, compared to Randi’s 202.60. That puts Randi 48.23 seconds behind Bob. The next closest woman shooter to Randi shot the match in 261.82, finishing 59.22 seconds behind Randi. To spell it out plainly – Randi is closer in score to Bob Vogel than the next best female shooter is to Randi. That’s not just a victory, that is absolutely dominating the match. Congratulations to Randi Rogers on her Top 3 Finish and on crushing the competition at the 2013 Indoor Nationals.


  1. Regarding Randi, bear in mind that she was shooting SSP, and was still the 10th faster shooter across all the divisions, out of over 300 competitors.

        1. Randi is well on her way to becoming the first lady IDPA National Champion, OVERALL Champion!!

  2. Oh, and it’s a shame they had to drop Stage 6 (don’t know if it was because the prop failures were making it a bottle-neck, or too many crying about the first two targets being so hard). That one was hard as hell, which my twisted little mind loved.

    1. I was there for four days, the stage was fun, but it was a PAIN IN THE ASS to run!! Every time someone shot the runner, it had to be replaced, they had three and after day two, two out of the three were broken!! After day one (SO Day) they were shooting up to 9:30PM and some folks didn’t finish the match!!

    2. Now I know why those scores were not updated after two days. I was checking daily. Thanks for the update.

  3. I like the Match, but the Trip home was a Pain the ASS yesterday!!

    I was sittin on my seat on the plane when they pulled me out and rerouted me, I had to wait 3 hours to fly from Hartford to Baltimore, wait 3 hours there to fly to San Antonio then to Phoenix!!

    It took me 4 -5 extra hours of travel time

    1. Too bad about the flight to Baltimore.
      I was on the 9:35 am and we actually arrived early.

      1. But the consolation prize is that I flew with a bunch of great folks that share my love for the sport!! and any extra time with my hero Col Phil Torres is a great time!!

  4. Great post but please some how make a distinction between the old posts you are putting out again and the new ones. I keep accidentally deleting new posts thinking they are old in my email notifications because I can’t tell the difference and forget which ones I’ve read before. I understand your website went down but I’d like to know easily what is new content and what it’s old.

  5. I’m waiting for some of the other top-tier shooters to decide to shoot IDPA and try to knock Bob Vogel off of his cloud. Let’s be real, Bob showing up at an IDPA major is like Frank Thomas showing up at your weekly beer league softball game.

      1. I grew up in Chicago during the reign of the Big Hurt. I WAS going to say “like Patrick Kane hitting up your neighborhood shinny game” but I didn’t think anyone would get it.

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