Photo of the Day: VZ-58


The VZ-58 Sporter is the import legal version of the VZ-58 rifle; it comes with two 10-round single stack magazines, and the thumbhole stock. The thumbhole stock actually has a really good mounting point for a single point sling, and on a personal rifle I’d just dremel out the bottom bit that connects the pistol grip to the bottom of the stock. These are available today for $899.


  1. If it will take standard VZ-58 magazines, the things are super-cheap if you can find them, which is more likely than getting hold of an AK magazine these days.

    1. Unfortunately, it’s a single stack (otherwise I’d have an order in on this one). From what I’ve read, you can mill out the receiver to fit a double-stack, but I don’t trust myself that well with a Dremel. Also, on these, you need to be wary of the surplus double-stack mags, because in its out-of-the-box configuration, it requires 2 US parts in the mag for compliance. The good news is, a gas piston swap requires no tools, and US-made pistol grips and stocks abound, which will put you back on the right side of 922r. US-made followers & floorplates abound, for something like $7 for the combo I think, but when you add in the current price of $20/mag for surplus, that’s $27/mag, while CzechPoint just got in some fully compliant mags for $33/each, and theirs are nicely finished.


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