Ammo Jewelry

I don’t wear much jewelry and I’m not a huge fan of putting ammunition in my jewelry. I just don’t see much appeal in walking around with a 9mm casing wrapped around my neck. This morning, while hunting for a link for my Gunny Kitchen post, I stumbled across some ammunition jewelry that I actually like.

Jeni's Pistol Petals

The necklaces I came across are not just some casings with gold chains through them, there is some artistic value in Jeni’s “Pistol Petals”. She has taken different caliber casings and bent them out to form flowers and mounted them on sterling silver wire. While I, personally, would not purchase anything larger than a 9mm casing her creations go all the way up to .500 S&W and include a set of a .25 ACP earrings. It’s a relief to see ammo jewelry that is not just ammo on a chain, but rather ammunition that has been taken and stylized into something more than ammo.

Bullet Girl's .223 REM rhodium plated necklace

There are some elegant options available for anyone who may be interested in expressing their passion for shooting through their accessories. Bullet Girl is known not only among gunnies but throughout the fashion world: found in W, HML and allure (am I speaking another language yet?), her jewelry has been seen sported by Miranda Lambert at the CMAs and has even shown up in Kim Kardashian’s twitter feed. It’s comforting to see celebrities and the general public embracing our culture as part of their style. Bullet Girl’s jewelry is very pretty and very honest about what it is. You know if you’re wearing a necklace made entirely of rhodium plated .223 rounds, and while everyone else may not go “oh, look, .223 rounds, Knights or LMT?” most people can go “oh, look, bullets, you must not hate guns”.

Taste in jewelry is a very individual thing, there are elegant options available whether your looking for something pretty that happens to have an ammo casing in it or something that really expresses your hobby and passion through a blatant display of accessorized ammunition.

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