Pink Guns (I’d actually shoot)

Yesterday I saw a picture of a pink Taurus 24/7 and all I could think of was “Why can’t they just market good guns to us?”  I’ve written before about what women want and, more specifically, the fact that it’s not a junky little pink gun.  Today I decided to go on a quest and find pink guns that are not only pink but actually good guns:

The Beretta NEOS
My love of plinker .22s is no secret, I think they are awesome training devices.  The Beretta NEOS is a fine example of a .22 target pistol.  If you can get used to the slightly odd angle of the grips (obviously designed for one handed target shooting) they run pretty well, have a really neat space-agey look about them and yes, come with an option for pink grips.  We’ve had one in the rental case at West Coast Armory for a few months now and it has preformed well.  It’s accurate, it runs and, unlike many .22s, this plinker is pretty easy to take apart.

The M&P JG
Julie G’s design of the M&P is phenomenal.  This is one of my all time favorite handguns with the reliability and ergonomics of an M&P coupled with warren tactical rear sights and a fiber optic front, a combination of design features that provide enhanced durability and shootability as well as a 6 pound trigger with overtravel stop.  The M&P JG comes with pink backstrap inserts as well as the stock black ones and has awareness ribbons engraved on the sides because every time you purchase one a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer.

Sig Sauer P238
I’ve mentioned my love of the P238 as a manageable single action pocket gun before.  It’s true that you can’t buy them stock with pink grips, but I can order pink grips off of E-Bay for  $50.00.

STI Elektra
We ran across this one at SHOT Show and now that I’ve been reminded of it I can’t stop wanting one.  This aluminum frame 1911 from STI comes chambered in both 9mm and .45 ACP, 23oz. with a 3″ stainless steel slide, beveled magwell and fixed tritium sights.  If these little guns run well STI may have accomplished what so many have failed at – a small 1911 in 9mm that doesn’t suck to shoot. (Don’t worry boys, they come in black too.)


      1. Hey, I had to ask.

        My wife saw those new Realtree and pink bikinis and had to have one. I didn’t argue but i doubt she’ll be shooting in it.

        Nothing wrong with a pink gun…or pink bikini.


  1. I really want to find some M&P pink backstraps because my mother has an M&P and she likes the pink eye and ear protection I bought her so I think she would like having a bit of pink on her gun.

  2. The Colt Cadet was an excellent design. Glad to see it live on in the Neo.

    I think all serious shooters should have multiple copies of a favorite .22 pistol and a suppressed version for sharing the love and for the instruction of brand new shooters. It is my opinion that a suppressed .22 is a great newbie pistol (IMHO).

    “or pink bikini”

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  3. I wrote an article on my blog a while back that pointed out a reason to have a pink gun.

    It works for some, not for others. Just like anything.

  4. The NEOS also has a carbine kit available, which is really worth mentioning.

    Although it eliminates the pink grip, some Krylon could cure that pretty quick.

    I have one for my NEOS, and it’s the funnest gun I own. Take the shotgun out and bust clays, then use the .22 to bust the pile of shotgun shells. It’s like recycling!

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