1. well we know it’s a sig, but the cuts on the breech and slide don’t seem to match any sig pistols I can find

    1. I was originally planning on it, but I ran into a slight holster snag with the gun. Short version – the Blackhawk holsters we were provided don’t fit, so I’m in scramble mode for more gear.

  2. The Sig P250 is the most accurate pistol I have ever fired … well, with the possible exception of the S&W Model 41. Just a couple weeks ago I put 15 rounds of Hornady TAP inside the 10 and X ring of a standard 50ft NRA bullseye at 50ft, and no rests were used. That is the only time I have achieved a perfect score.

  3. If that is what I think it is (a P250), we’re going to hear a lot more swearing on your match videos from now on. Everyone I know who has bought a gun based on the concept of modularity (myself included, but it wasn’t the P250) has regretted it.

  4. I bought the P250 a few years ago but in .45 acp and have not had a single problem with it. Now I won’t use the modularity of it because buying all the pieces for that is like buying a new gun!

  5. Looks like the new P290 – Trigger is soooo shitty – at least the ones that i have looked at

    1. upon further review, it just looks like a 250 – at least the 250 trigger is better than the 290

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