Heinie SlantPro M&P Sights

I finally got a chance to put a couple hundred rounds through my M&P in one session and I’m loving it. The best change I made was switching out the sights. The stock sights were not only beat to death from months as a rental gun but blocky enough that there was very little light to be seen between the front sight and the rear sight, plus the three dot system puts more visual “stuff” in your sight picture than is really necessary. The M&P stock sights are not the worst factory stock sights, but they leave a lot to be desired and there are much better after market options available.

I had some Heinie SlantPro’s from Brownells put on and they made a big difference. Having blacked out sights rather than the three dot system helps my mind process the sight picture faster and on top of that having more light between the front sight and rear sight means more speed in sight picture acquisition and a more accurate sight picture when necessary. Plus, when the lights went down during the club match I ran yesterday it was much easier to line up the top of the blacked out sights than to try and pick three little white dots out of the darkness.

The new sights have improved my speed and accuracy overall and I’m pleased with the result. The M&P and I are getting along quite well and I am excited to see how I continue to improve now that I have a really good set up to work with. Having the right sights and the right gun has really helped not only my shooting but my confidence and determination. After seeing my performance last night both in the booth and at league I am excited to see where my skills, myself, my M&P and my Heini SlantPros end up in the next couple months.