1. Textbook press-out at the beginning. Great run for a first match.

    Reloads look like the most obvious place to pick up some speed, but it’s hard to tell the difficulty of the shots from a video.

    1. Reloads and follow up shots are both two places I need to work. Also, switching to the M&P has given me a little more real estate so I’m not having to regrip the gun after every shot which should help a lot.

      1. When I watched, my first impression was that you were doing a lot of regripping– good that you have addressed that. As for speed, it will come. You can’t miss fast enough. Very nice run.

  2. Very cool.

    Sorry if I missed the memo but what pistol were you running prior to the switch to the M&P? Was it a Ruger?

  3. Good Shooting Shelley! participating in USPSA will push your speed and accuracy to higher levels, keep doing it and you’ll do well! 🙂 hope to see you at one of the matches!

  4. Come on Shelly I would like to see you shoot the match in a mini skirt and the Hi heals on your previous post

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