Shelley USPSA footage

Mentioned below, Shelley shot her first USPSA match this past weekend.  Here’s one of her stages from the match – for someone who’s been doing action pistol shooting for less than a year and USPSA for all of a day, I’m very happy with how her match went.  No DQs, only one major mental error.  Everything else is just a matter of practice, which is something she’s doing quite a bit.

Good shooting!


          1. Looked like you bounced back pretty quick!

            I figured it was a mental error of some sort…

            Youtube has a couple of great clips of GM Manny Bragg losing it when he’s drilled a no-shoot or two…


  1. It looks like she did really well and the fact that there are no DQ’s is quite impressive. Thanks for sharing the progress she has made, it is a really motivating example to continue practicing.

  2. Mental errors are inevitable as one gets acclimated to USPSA, but they are so maddening!

    Eventually I decided the way to reduce mental errors isn’t to try to “think harder” about the course with my conscious mind, rather, it is to practice the basics until the raw mechanics of shooting the stage (drawing, moving, reloading) become subconscious.

    THAT frees up the brain capacity to form a stage plan, follow it, and get the procedural stuff right.

    Slowly getting there…

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