1. Once I saw the SBR version DSA makes, I too found my self with a gun lust that had no rhyme or reason. Then, while watching “The Town” my SBR FAL desires were fanned to red hot.

  2. FALs are way cool, but for 3-gun? Where the heck are you gonna get enough magazines?

    Nice condition metric pattern FAL mags (DSA’s guns are metric) are basically nonexistent on the Internet now, and have been ever since the 2008-09 gun scare. Even DSA is completely out of metric 20 rounders. (They have an announcement on their site that a line of domestic-made DSA mags is “coming soon.” Those alleged mags have been “coming soon” for years now.)

    You can find pretty rough, knocked-about surplus FAL mags from Impact and a few other sellers. That’s about it.

    I would be very cautious about advising anyone to get heavily into FALs for competition or serious use until the metric magazine bottleneck is cured.

      1. Interesting. But first search I do for “Korean FAL mags” immediately turns up a shooter who found only one usable mag out of 5 purchased, and several others who report fit issues with the Korean mags too.

        And the second hit I found was another report of quality control problems with those mags.

        Thus, at first look, I’m not convinced the Korean mags are a solution to the metric FAL’s severe magazine availability issue.

  3. I love mine! I live 5 minutes from DSArms…

    The mags are nearly indestructible – you can re-spring old ones and they’ll work fine… Next to AK mags, they’re tough!

    You can always grind inch-pattern magazines down to metric too – especially the old Bren mags!!

    The FAL is heavy, long, a bit outdated, but it is enduring and plenty accurate…

  4. FAL’s are the supermodel of the gun world, even though they are hard to come by you just WANT one, if for no other reason than you do not have one and they look really sexxy!

    nuff said?

  5. I own 2 — a DSA StG58A and a DSA SA58 Para. I love them…when you handle them, you realize Mssr Saive was ergonomically ahead of his time. New rifle designs may do some things better…and I’ll be more likely to take of of them if Mordor takes over… but my heart is with the FAL.


  6. You are obviously not the only one with this issue. you should start a local support group!

  7. You want a FAL because you can consistently shoot sub-1″ groups at 100m and center-of-mass at 800m with iron sights in any weather conditions. If you can’t, sell the rifle and take up knitting.

  8. You’re definitely not the only one. There was one on the rack at Gander Mountain a while back and my friend that was with me just didn’t understand the sudden lust…

  9. I want one because as I was growing in the Great Brown North, that’s what the Canadian Army carried.

    I want one because the C2A1 variant was the first full-auto gun I ever fired, at an Exhibition Day at the now long-gone Currie Barracks.

    I want one because of all the photos of them being carried in the arms of Paras marching towards Goose Green and Port Stanley.

    I want one because in a country where the M1A and the AR-10 seem to be the standard battle rifles, an FAL is one quick way to stand out from the crowd.

    I want one, because, dammit, I want one.

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