IDPA 2011 Indoor Nationals Results

Here are the results from the 2011 IDPA Indoor Nationals, with my commentary on the other side.

Custom Defensive Pistol

  1. David Olhasso
  2. Glenn Shelby
  3. Mark Redl

Enhanced Service Pistol

  1. Bob Vogel
  2. James McGinty
  3. Todd Jarrett

Stock Service Pistol

  1. Gordon Carrell
  2. Dave Sevigny
  3. James Meyers

Enhanced Service Revolver

  1. Jerry Miculek
  2. Joe Pitha

Stock Service Revolver

  1. Josh Lentz
  2. Craig Buckland

High Lady

  • Randi Rogers

High Junior

  • Tori Nonaka

Most Accurate

  • Bob Vogel

Honestly, the biggest announcement out of this year’s Nationals isn’t the winner’s list, it’s fairly predictable throughout.  Congratulations to everyone who shot this year’s match and of course to the winners of their classes and divisions.  However, the big news at Nationals this year was the creation of IDPA’s new Distinguished Master Class.  This class is reserved for people who are division champion (DC) at either of the two national championship matches and people who shoot within 3% of the DC at one of those two matches.  IDPA inducted the following shooters into the new DM class based on their performance over the past 5 years:

Custom Defensive Pistol:

  • Bob Vogel
  • Dave Sevigny
  • David Olhasso
  • Eric Fusion
  • Glenn Shelby
  • Greg Martin
  • Matt Mink
  • Tom Yost

Enhanced Service Pistol:

  • Bob Vogel
  • Donnie Burton
  • Matt Mink
  • Rob Leatham
  • Taran Butler
  • Todd Jarrett

Stock Service Pistol:

  • Bob Vogel
  • Dan Burwell
  • Dave Sevigny
  • Ernest Langdon
  • Gordon Carrell
  • Phil Strader

Enhanced Service Revolver:

  • Jerry Miculek (it’s lonely at the top)

Stock Service Revolver:

  • Craig Buckland
  • Curt Nichols
  • Josh Lentz

Congratulations to all the new DMs!  The new DM class will only be competing for Division Champion – there is no second place trophy for the DMs.  It actually makes sense when you look at the group of shooters; they’re all primarily USPSA guys who only care about one thing at an IDPA match, and that’s “winning”.  I think the DM class is a big step in the right direction for IDPA, and I applaud their decision to implement it.