The IDPA Down Zero Challenge

Over at the Shooter’s Log, I’ve set up the rules for something I’m going to try this year in addition to everything else I’ve got going on: The Down Zero Challenge.  My goal is to shoot a major IDPA match down zero points, as well as win Most Accurate at every single major IDPA match I shoot this year.  It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be fun!  The only rule is that I can’t just shoot really slow and guarantee myself down zero hits, because if I finish last in my class and division the “Down Zero” doesn’t count.

I’ll post updates on the down zero challenge at Cheaper than Dirt as matches happen!


  1. Good luck. Best I’ve done is down 3 or 4 I think but that’s pretty much shooting normal. I have tried shooting IDPA like USPSA at this years Postal Match and did worse than normal at least for me. I’ve thought about trying to shoot a perfect match but I don’t shoot many major matchs. It’s that first point down that always gets me to give up.

    1. I’m going to give it a whack at a couple of club matches just to see how it goes, I figure if I can’t shoot a club match clean there’s no way I can shoot a major clean.

  2. One of our local match directors offered a $100 if you shot the match with zero down. Tie to be broken by best time. Only 1 person tried to win the prize and he failed. There were no tricks. It was possible to do it zero down. Some didn’t care and some didn’t think they could do it. Good for you to take on this challenge. It’s amazing that Bob Vogel set a blazing time, spanked the entire field and was most accurate at the S&W Nationals.

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