Tori Nonaka joins Team Glock

Tori Nonanka with her signature purple Glock

GLOCK, Inc, announced today that Junior Shooting Champion Tori Nonaka  has been added to the company’s championship winning shooting squad, Team GLOCK.  Nonaka will become the third member of Team GLOCK, joining World Champion and Team GLOCK Captain Dave Sevigny and Female World Champion Shooter Randi Rogers.

Nonaka began shooting at age three when her father taught her the importance of firearms safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship.  Her first pistol was a .22 caliber. By age 12, Nonaka was shooting with a .45 and began taking her first training course at the U.S. Shooting Academy. Since then, she has attended a variety of classes from top USPSA shooters.

It was during an Area 8 match in 2008, that Nonaka was introduced to Team GLOCK Captain Dave Sevigny.

“Dave supported me from the beginning, and encouraged me to get a GLOCK,” stated Nonaka. Soon after receiving this encouragement, she received her first GLOCK, a G34.

At 15, Nonaka’s competitive shooting experience covers many different disciplines, including USPSA, SSCA, IPSC, IDPA, Bianchi & GSSF.  During the 2010 season, she was awarded the USPSA National Juniors Champion in Limited 10 competition, the US Steel National Super Junior, the IDPA National Junior Champion and many other regional and local championship titles.

“Tori is an extremely gifted young shooter with an incredibly bright career ahead of her,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Gary Fletcher. “Our shooting team continues to thrive in every competition, showcasing their talents and demonstrating the diversity of the GLOCK pistols.  We are very excited to have Tori and the talents she brings to the team.”


  1. Great shooter, very marketable, excellent major match performance, young, etc etc etc.

    I’m sure team S&W will be thrilled in a couple of years when she gets frustrated and leaves team Glock (ala Julie G and Jessie Abbate).

  2. Ya, she kicked my back side at the IDPA Indoor Nationals, where she was the high junior. Good for her!

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