1. Scott did my xd45 tactical a couple of years ago.Fast service and and incredidble work.

  2. 1. Sell it.
    2. Buy a Glock made in Austria instead of one made in the nation with Europe’s highest alcohol consumption.
    3. Buy drop-in competition parts that can be made to known standards not influenced by hangovers or Soviet-era machine tools. Get a few spare parts from the manufacturer too while you’re at it. Just because you can.
    4. Bank all the money you save not paying for gunsmithing, UPS shipping back to the factory if anything goes wrong, and to the gunsmith to get anything custom. And all the money you saved from not buying a backup so you won’t be without a gun while the factory is turning it around.
    5. Use that to buy more ammo and practice.
    6. Win!

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