A hard line

When I started carrying a firearm for self-defense, I made a promise to myself – namely that I refuse to be a victim.  That’s the whole point of self-defense, and partly why the anti-gun crowd hates it so much.  We refuse to be victims, and we laud people that act with courage and self-preservation.  Meanwhile, the anti-gun factions make a “hero” out of a “man” who was apparently willing to die on his knees cowering behind a desk.


  1. Since time began for the human race there has been those of us that simply refuse to be a victim and those that would be the victim, but not by choice I think. I believe in the beginning there were those that wanted to protect themselves but because of some human force they were lacking in their makeup just plain could not make themselves do anymore than hide and thats o k I can understand that and think no less of them for something they have no control over.
    And there was yet a third human makeup ,Out of the ranks of those of us that refused to be a victim came the’ I also refuse to let others be a victim if I can help them ‘ .And I am o k with those three.
    Its the fourth one that bothers me ,you all know this one of have heard of this total no force Prince among men . The ‘ I will be a victim and dam it so will you ! ‘ wasted piece of human flesh.

    I’m sorry but I just can’t wrap my mind around Number four’s warped thinking and if he or she gets their way it will get us all killed.

    1. It’s simply, without people like you there would be no USA no America. People like you that made the stand along time ago for freedom! people like you will make the stand again and again in the future! This country was founded by brave people like yourself!

  2. Last month, I was thanked for my Military service. After some discussion about firearms, he became frightened to learn I had a Conceal Carry License. I find it interesting that I can die for him, kill for him, but should not carry a gun in civilian life.

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