A Woman’s Gun Belt

Well boys, I’ve come to one solid conclusion, your clothes were just never meant to fit me well.  In a gun industry filled with men’s garments shrunk down to “womanly” sizes I at least never forget why I still do my shopping at the mall.

See, us girls are built a little differently.  We have small waists, we need small belts.  32″ just isn’t what I want for my 26″ waist and as much as I enjoy the opportunity to expand my waistband that’s generally not what I’m going for.  I would rather have a belt that actually fits and is sturdy enough for me to carry a holster around on 7 days a week.  I know I’m asking a bit much here: A woman’s gun belt.

Think about it, a nice leather belt the comes in several different colors: white, black, brown and red, with a low profile, squared buckle and sturdy enough to strap a gun to.  Available in sizes that range from 27″ to 40″, like Banana Republic’s belts are.

I guess I’ll keep dreaming and in the mean time obsess over the tracking page for the Comp-Tac belt I had to special order.


  1. Thebeltman.net lists down to 29″, and all their belts are custom made. Their sizes aren’t exactly pants sizes so that might be small enough, but if not I’m sure they’d make a smaller one. I’ve worn one of their belts every day for over 3 years and it’s still going strong.

    1. 29″ is pretty good. Comp-Tac went down to 28″ but I had to pay an extra $20 because, I’m guessing, they don’t make many of them in that size.

    2. I’ll second the Belt Man. Only place I’ve found that can do horse hide with an additional stiffener. And if you’re carrying a hunk o’ steel like the P7M8, you need it!

      1. I’ve got the opposite problem, where can you get a 60″ gunbelt?
        Does that beltman site carry that big a size?
        Last belt I bought was years ago, and it’s dying…..

        Only upside is with my size a 1911 is not too big to carry everyday, is that a good thing?

  2. Also worth a look are The Wilderness’ belts. I’ve worn one of another of their belts for several years now. They are made in as small as 24″ sizes, available in multiple colors, two different stiffness options, and multiple widths. http://www.thewilderness.com

      1. You want a pink one? Michael will make you a pink one in whatever size you want. And it won’t ever come apart. http://www.theholstersite.com/?p=359
        Granted, I’m biased since I’m married to the holster guy, but the one I’m wearing is the best belt I’ve ever worn. And for the record, I wear a size 4 in Levis. I’m wearing one in the natural leather color. With a 600lb tensile strength, it should hold anything you want to carry.
        Caleb’s got a holster from Michael. If that one doesn’t prove that he will do ANY color, nothing will.

  3. In our defense most belts you can buy just look thick; they aren’t actually very sturdy and are crappy for carrying a gun. I have to order a belt from some place like Comp Tac or Bladetech if I want a quality one to wear for IDPA and USPSA.

  4. Check out Mernickle holsters. I saw them on an episode of “Cowboys” that featured women who were shooting SASS. They were featured because they were on-site and made belts and holsters tailored for female curvature. I see on their website that they do make carry belts; maybe they apply the same thinking to those. http://www.mernickle.com

  5. “I know I’m asking a bit much here: A woman’s gun belt.”

    That’s not asking too much…just too soon 🙂

  6. Custom holster makers like myself can make a belt any size you want. My belts come with removable buckles and keepers so you can customize them. I use my own belts for dress belts for my day job so take a look at my site.

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