IDPA Match Video, SSR Master

This was my first IDPA match since making 5-gun master last year. I was actually very happy with my shooting, although my “IDPA Strategery” wasn’t as hot as it could have been. Note about the video: I say some words that are not appropriate for small children to hear.

I won SSR at the match; there were no ESR shooters so the bragging rights only “High Revolver” title wasn’t on the table. While I’m happy about winning SSR, my performance could have been MUCH better. Watching the video, mental errors caused me to leave at least 15 seconds of raw time on the table, and I could have easily shaved that off. On the bright side, my new 112PF SSR load actually did take down the pepper poppers, including the one forward falling popper.


  1. I’m sure the arctic conditions didn’t help much. I know that I shot worse at this match than I have in a couple years.

    1. Yeah, the cold weather was really getting to me by the end of the match. I forget how difficult it can be to manipulate a revolver’s controls when I cant feel my fingers.

  2. Nice run Caleb. I will be shooting at the Bianchi Cup for the first time this year, hope to see you there.

  3. ahh I missed this match, or you’d be able to go for the High Revolver title. Good shooting! That speedloader looks hard to reload with 😉

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