Gun Nuts Radio with Athena Lee

Did you miss last night’s episode of Gun Nuts Radio, featuring Athena Lee from Top Shot Season 2?  Download it at the link above, or hit this link for the .mp3 version.  As always, Gun Nuts Radio is available on iTunes for you to download by hitting the big ol’ iTunes button below.

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Athena was a great guest, and it was a lot of fun to talk to her. I think I’m going to be calling her “Machine-gun Lee” at Steel Challenge though!

If you’d like to check out our older episodes and any of the past broadcasts of Gun Nuts Radio, hit up our show page at – and don’t forget to join us live next week in primetime for another episode in the Top Shot Elimination Series!


  1. I’m going to wait to listen until they get the actual show up on I was looking forward to watching it today! Very disappointed that it isn’t up.

    1. Huh, way to make an idiot of myself. I guess they’re only showing one previous show at a time? I saw there was only one episode listed and assumed it was the first episode again.

  2. I’m so jealous she got to shoot the Tommy gun full auto. I was sitting the couch giggling like an idiot.

  3. I noticed the other competitor got his full enjoyment out of that last mag 😉 It was a good elimination to be in, win or lose.

  4. 1911s, Tommy Guns, old Colts… Finally, Top Shot is starting to get it!

    It seems like the “specialist” shooters are struggling out of the gate again. I was initially rooting for Athena but was upset to see her miss almost all of her targets.

    Reminds me of one of the Season 1 exit interviews where the contestant said something like “I’m going to go home and put a million rounds through my Production gun…”

    Fundamentals win everytime, kids. Don’t captain the Failboat.

  5. The specialized action pistol shooters consistently seem to struggle with slow fire handgun accuracy.

    I wonder if training and competing at the really high levels of USPSA etc. actually becomes counterproductive to bullseye skills.

    You’re so used to emphasizing speed, speed, speed, shooting just accurately enough to get a scored hit … so your shooting loses its fine motor aspects and becomes purely a gross motor skill?

    Just generalizing from a small amount of data.

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