Shock Knife demo

One of the products I thought was really interesting at SHOT was the Shock Knife. Short version, it’s a force on force training knife that delivers an electric shock to the user when they’re “cut”. On the lowest setting, it feels unpleasant, and they wouldn’t let us test it on the highest setting at SHOT. Here’s Shelley getting shocked for science!

For those that are wondering, yes I also got “cut” by the knife, but we didn’t film that because who wants to see that?


  1. That thing is awesome, I just wish the price would come down a little bit.

    I got “cut” at SHOT too, felt like a paper cut on the lowest setting.

    Great potential!

    1. I can agree with “paper cut”, it was just kind of unpleasant, it didn’t really hurt but it’s like “I would not want you to do that again.”

  2. I’d love to try it on the highest setting… it sounds strange to say but I have an unusually high tolerance for electrical shocks so I’m curious to know how much such a thing would bother me.

    I had a directed energy research lab at a trade show try to shock me with their little portable box device and I found it to be… ticklish. The people in the lab coats at the booth wanted to dissect me on the spot.

  3. We have them and use them at our martial arts training center. I have been “cut” with them on high. It is absolutely positively no fun, but certainly survivable. Let me say that when it gets cranked up it adds a whole new level of realism to training on fighting against a knife-wielding opponent.

  4. >>yes I also got “cut” by the knife, but we didn’t film that because who wants to see that?<<

    Duh….Shelley! 🙂

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