Sig .22LR 1911

We had the good fortune of getting shown around the Sig booth by one of their PR guys, which was a lot of fun.  Sig had some really neat guns at SHOT, so we’ll start with my favorite – the Sig .22 LR 1911.

Sig .22 LR 1911

I did ask, and their .22 is not made by Umarex.  Apparently, Sig entered into a licensing contract with German Sport Guns, the company that makes/made the GSG-5, the now infamous MP5 clone in .22 LR.  I handled the Sig at SHOT, didn’t get to shoot it, but it does feel pretty solid.  1911s in .22 LR seem to be kind of a thing this year at SHOT, but they didn’t get as much attention as the pocket 9mms because .22s aren’t as sexy as tiny little 9mm handguns.  I wish that wasn’t the case, but it sadly is.


  1. These new “mini”-1911 are exciting. My SO has gone shooting with me a cuople of times now, and has expressed interest in a lightweight, quality .22 autopistol with classic lines.

    My original thought was to get her a 1911 built off of a lightweight frame mated to a 4.25″ Marvel Unit 2 or an Advantage Arms Commander slide.

    One of these guns could fill her needs, if the quality is right. I know that she wants engraving, and I don’t want to do that on a zinc-alloy gun. I’m also interested to know the level of compatibility with aftermarket parts for the “mini”-1911.

    Love the site, thank you for bringing info like this to our attention.

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