Knight’s Armament Q&A

Tomorrow on a special broadcast of Gun Nuts Radio, we’re going to do a live Q&A session with Knight’s Armament!  This session came about as a result of the SHOT SHOW kerfluffle involving Team Gun Nuts and Knights. I deeply regret my role in that, and while the original post that I published following the incident itself was ill-timed and unprofessional, I’m very excited to see that Knight’s is engaging with online content providers and really looking to get involved with the primarily civilian and competition shooter base that reads us here at Gun Nuts.

If you have a question for Knight’s Armament, post it in the comments here, or email it to me at [email protected] – we’ll read the questions live on the air with a Knight’s rep and open up a dialog between them and the consumer side of things.  That’ll be tomorrow on Gun Nuts Radio, and I’m really looking forward to the episode!


  1. I have two questions.

    First, have you considered taking legal steps to protect your intellectual property and/or pursue those who are infringing it?

    Second, have you considered working with an airsoft company to produce licensed copies of your designs?

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