1. It’s the smallest shot gun u can buy ;>) I wonder if you can also hunt birds with it.

    Reminds me of Hell-boy’s wheel gun

  2. You might be able to get a Judge for that in Chicago. I am proud to say that down here in Texas they want a lot more than that. You might get a Deputy for $599, but even that is iffy.

  3. @r goldy
    That was good 🙂

    “Add me to the “I don’t get .410 revolvers” camp.”
    Same here………

    Wanna shoot rats and snakes load up some shot capsules for a 44mag, if you want self defense against larger vermin load up 300gr Hornady XTP over a good charge of 296 powder.
    And the 44 mag is a little smaller too!

  4. So-ooooo Caleb, if you HAD to CHOOSE for everyday carry, would you rather have:
    (give or take a round)

    18 rounds of 9mm?
    14 rounds of 40S&W?
    8 rounds of 45ACP?
    6 rounds of 410?
    8 rounds of 357MAG
    7 rounds 9mm
    6 rounds 380ACP
    5 rounds of 38+P

    One caveat… you have to carry it everyday, all day, for one year – winter, spring, summer, fall.


    Dann in Ohio

  5. Yeah count me in. I hear the ‘snake gun’ argument too but in my yard, a Ruger Single Six .22LR with snakeshot does just fine for that. Yes, a .44 would do much better, but it sure would tick off the neighbors 🙁

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