Spotlight: Magpul Booth

This year Magpul decided not to bring any of their new items to SHOT Show, choosing instead to reveal items when they’re ready for production.  Since I am not a huge fan of wanting things I can’t have I think this is a fantastic idea.  I did snap a few pictures of the different displays they had at the booth and Caleb and I both picked up Magpul’s new iPhone cases which just started shipping on Tuesday.  They make the cases for the iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4, but they won’t be available with the new Verizon iPhone so I guess we have to stick with AT&T now.


  1. How are the iPhone cases? Are they soft rubber or hard polymer?

    Ever since I heard they were making one I hoped it would be something to compete against Otterbox which I love but can’t justify getting rid of for the Magpul model even if it would be really cool to have that logo on my phone.

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