Smith & Wesson Movie Guns

I had hit the “milling around” stage at the Smith & Wesson booth earlier today when I found what is possibly the coolest display I’ve seen at SHOT Show.  They actually had a bunch of their guns that had been used in big movies on display along with a photo from the movie.  I snapped a few pictures, check it out:

Annette Bening's Model 5906 from American Beauty
Russell Crowe's Model 64 from American Gangster
Clint Eastwood's Model 627 in Blood Work
Heath Ledger's Model 76 from The Dark Knight
Bruce Willis' Model 60 from Die Hard: With a Vengeance
Beyonce's Model 66 from Austin Powers: Goldmember
The Model 19 from Lethal Weapon
Leonardo DiCaprio's Model 10 from Shutter Island
Clint Eastwood's Model 29 from The Enforcer
Samuel Jackson's 500 from The Spirit
Vin Diesel's pimped out Model 629 from xXx


  1. “Vin Diesel’s pimped out Model 629 from xXx”

    More like screwed up if you ask me………

    Sorry but that much crap attached to a handgun is just wrong, unless it’s a target or competition gun, i mean really, would YOU carry that monstrosity?

    And Where? A holosight on a pistol? And what is that? A saw on the underside of the barrel????

    Sorry, that just strikes me as WRONG, and just try to find a IWB holster for that thing…….

  2. Believe me, any racing enthusiast feels the same way about “pimped out” cars. So the description is reasonable 🙂

  3. Is it just me, or is that “Model 19 from Lethal Weapon” not really a Model 19? It looks like a Model 64.

    Also, the “Model 64 from American Gangster” is not a Model 64. It’s a Model 19.

    Am I being OCD? Sure. Still, seems like the folks at the S&W booth need to brush up on their company’s model history.

  4. I want me a 627 like Clint’s. That thing is fabulous. If only Smith would offer one with fluted cylinders on their current model snub nose.

    One can only dream….

  5. One last thing about clint, I heard he gets “what ever the heck he wants” when he takes a tour at the factory.

    Rumour was that he was out there recently looking for a new gun to compliment a character in a movie he is directing. Could it be the new Dirty Harry?

  6. Whoever labeled those doesn’t know the difference between a S&W and a Glock. Probably a former journalist. As noted by Tennessee Jed, that model 64 is actually a Model 19, and that Model 19 from Lethal Weapon is almost certainly a Model 64, as 3″ model 65s are really very rare.

  7. As Matt and Jed said, a lot misidentification here. Beyonce’s Model 66 is also model 64, maybe a Model 60.

    1. I was also on the fence about that one, Paul, but I decided that’s just a bad picture. The one in the movie looks like a 66, but the one in the picture almost looks blued!

        1. Horace B. Smith and Daniel Wesson are dead, so I’m not arguing against them or their guns. Trust me Shelley, whatever S&W employee labeled those pictures knows less about S&W’s products than I do.

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