IDPA Stock Service Revolver Power Floor Reduction

The official announcement from IDPA HQ:

IDPA recognizes the difficulty of finding off the shelf factory loaded .38 special ammunition that meets the the existing 125,000 power floor for SSR.  Because of this difficulty, IDPA has decided to lower the power floor required for SSR to 105,000. The 105,000 power floor will allow more off the shelf brands of ammunition to meet the requirement for the SSR division. This change in power floor should allow IDPA members more opportunity to participate in the SSR division without having to invest in reloading equipment.

This change in power floor will become effective on January 17th, 2011.

Robert Ray

Like I said, I think this is smart on IDPA’s part.  I’ll be ordering up some 130 grain FMJ for IDPA and keeping the 125 grain BVAC JHP for Bianchi Cup competition.


  1. Now if USPSA would do the same for revolver division I wouldn’t have to worry about having enough +P loaded for each match. I am sure it would help the number of shooters there too.

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