Gun Nuts Radio returns

Check out last night’s episode of Gun Nuts Radio, our first since the election cycle!  I cannot say “thank you” enough to the people who emailed me during the hiatus to encourage me to bring the show back, without those messages of encourage I may have just given up on it.  As usual, you can download the show by clicking the link above, or by hitting the button for the iTunes download.

Gun Nuts Radio | Blog Talk Radio Feed

On last night’s show we talk 1911s, I get distracted by a shiny object, and answer questions on Facebook chat. If you have a question about the show, email me at [email protected] or follow the Gun Nuts Facebook page. I also really do want to thank everyone that tuned in last night and caught the early download. According to our stats, we had over 100 live listeners last night and have already gone over 1500 downloads! Thank you again, and we’ll be back next week with coverage from SHOT SHOW!