Back from the dead!

That’s right, Gun Nuts Radio is back and better than ever tonight at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern.  You can listen live at or wait until tomorrow and download the show.  It’s good to be back on the air, after a long hiatus for work and the election, and so tonight with the first show since 2010, it’s only appropriate that we talk about 1911s.  For whatever reason, maybe the 100th year centennial, lots of people have been talking about the 1911, and so we’re happy to bring that discussion to you tonight at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific from the Gun Nuts Radio World HQ!  Don’t miss it at!


  1. Welcome back!! Looking forward to listening your radio show. I have your channel on my Zune for many months now and finally will be getting updates. Sweet! 😉

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