Follow Team Gun Nuts

One of the best ways to get additional content from Team Gun Nuts is to follow our social media sites in addition to what you see here on GunNuts.Net.  The official Gun Nuts social media sites are here:

My co-author and I each have our own Facebook pages as well.  We’ll post a lot of shooting related material on those, and you’ll definitely want to fan/friend us before SHOT SHOW.  The way the show works, you’ll see a lot of content on Facebook/Twitter that won’t necessarily make it to the blog as we roam the show floor in search of awesome.  Here are our Facebook pages:

SHOT is in two short weeks, and we plan on utilizing social media to its fullest power during the event.  We’ll be bringing you updates live from the floor as fast as we can grab pictures and upload them to the web, so don’t miss out!


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