Buy this, not that

At the link in the post right below this one about yuppie gifts for shooters, one of the links runs to the Ares Belt.  The Ares Belt is a CCW/range work belt made out of awesome scuba webbing and apparently the belt preferred by the Magpul guys.  That makes it very high speed low drag, and at 80 bucks it’s worth every penny.

It also takes two months for it to get to you.  Instead of spending your 80 bucks and waiting two months for your gear to arrive, you could just buy a Comp-Tac Kydex reinforced belt.  Same price point, but it gets to you within a week or so.  I really like my Comp-Tac belt, which I’ve been wearing every day with one or two exceptions since June of this year.  Daily wear, with and without guns for seven months, and the belt is still going strong.  And you don’t wait 8 weeks for the belt…plus Comp-Tac might throw some candy in your shipping package.

What can I say, I like Comp-Tac.


  1. You know what is awesome about the Comp-Tac belt? I don’t look like a toolbag with a nylon belt.

    Also I was visiting my cousin this weekend and showed them the slaying freaking bodies video and it was the running joke all weekend. “I drink my rum from a scotch glass… it’s very high speed low drag.” etc.

  2. Blade-Tech also has kydex reinforced leather belts. Pretty nice, been using it for the past couple months.

  3. Anyone wearing a belt like that for ccw will most likely be the first one picked out of a group to be shot first. Why-o-why would anyone want a belt like that when they could just go to a construction site and for less than 20 bucks get a steel-banding belt permanently steel cleated right on their Macho-Butthead body and wear that and just be so much more Macho and Cooler.

    And how did they forget to put an 8″ buckle on it ! ? ?

    1. Nothing wrong with a different belt guys. No one is saying you have to like it, but there’s no need to question someone’s intelligence because they like a freaking belt.

    2. Wally,

      And why would wearing either of those belts make you “the first one picked out of a group to be shot first”? {sic}

      NEITHER looks like a gunbelt, or a cop belt, or a Mall Ninja belt, except to a gunny. Most COPS wouldn’t likely recognize either one — much less the typical violent dweeb with a stolen gun (likely loaded with mismatched ammo) shoved into the waist of his baggy jeans.

  4. Hell, for half that price, and the convenience of probably being able to drive down to your neighborhood firearm store and pick it up, get a 5.11 reinforced “leather casual belt” – worn it at least every weekend for the past two years, and the worst thing that has happened is that the stiffening at the belt hole I use the most broke. The leather is still intact, so there is no decrease in functionality or effectiveness; the belt is just a bit more floppy at that point. Probably should replace it one of these days, though…

  5. And then of course, you could order one from Michael at for $50 until Christmas…
    I’m not biased or anything 😉

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