3 drills

I had someone ask me what drills I’d focus on if I wanted to parse my training down to the bare fundamentals.  Obviously, I’d work on my press-out but I was asked specifically how I’d do that.  To pick some fundamental skills for IDPA, I’d have to say that in addition to having an accurate foundation that I would use the following three drills extensively.  These drills are all things I’ve picked up from other trainers and instructors because the focus on the fundamental skills.  Note, these are also all live fire drills – dry fire is a great time to work on everything else.

Drill 1: 1-on-1.  From the ready or holster, fire one shot on an IDPA target.  Only -0 hits count.  This drill focuses entirely on your press-out.  Do 50 reps.

Drill 2: 1-on-2.  Same idea, but add a second target.  This works on the incredibly important skill of shooting transitional shots in IDPA.  The idea here is to have your gun travel to the second target while recoil is happening.  Do 25 reps.

Drill 3: F.A.S.T. Drill.  I throw this one in because it really is a good assessment drill.  You have to do a lot of different stuff, and it’s an opportunity to bring everything you worked on both in live fire and dry fire.  Do not do FAST more than three times!  In fact, what you can do is do a FAST drill at the start of your practice, then do it again two more times at the end of your practice to see how you’re improving.

Doing those three drills will give you an excellent base for more advanced drills.  Plus, it’s a cost effective way to train, as you only fire 118 rounds in the entire practice session.


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