Taurus Tactical Operator

Coming from Taurus in 2011 is their latest addition to the Judge line-up of firearms, the Tactical Operator Judge.  This is previously unpublished info that you’re seeing here at Gun Nuts first.

The Tactical Operator Judge will include from the factory the accessories you see at the left; a Viridian laser module, fiber optic front sight, and an Aimpoint Micro.  The top strap of the revolver will have an integral rail system to mount the Aimpoint, or you’d like to upgrade to an ACOG that will be supported as well.

The Tactical Operator is designed as an offensive handgun, much like the HK Mk23.  With a loaded weight of 6.5 pounds and a size just slightly smaller than a Buick, the Tactical Operator would be a suitable replacement for your AR or shotgun as a primary weapon system.  Available in 2011 with an MSRP of $1500, the TTO will replace all the guns in your safe in one convenient weapons system!


  1. It’s a testament to the silliness of the Judge that I didn’t know this was a joke until I got to the ACOG.

  2. It’s for all them tactical snakes wearing body armor, where your trusty shovel only works half the time

  3. Be on the lookout for the new Magnum Research Thermobaric shotshell, new for 2011! Pair it up with your new Taurus Tactical Operator for the ultimate in cave-clearing terrorist-snake slaying operations.

  4. I’m sure it also comes with a fresh change of underwear and an oxygen tank depending on the reaction of those who get it pointed at them….

  5. I’m confused. Where am I supposed to put the cup holder?

    Also, it was my understanding that the front rail would have a can opener for accessing Tactical Bacon in the field.

  6. I imagine your typical “Judge” fan would think that this was just hunky-dory, and a great idea for personal/home/car/business/outhouse defense. Can I get one with a grenade launcher?

  7. This has to be a joke, wait, whether it’s real or not it’s still a joke!

    Nevermind, move along folks, nothing to see here……..

  8. Query: Will there be an upgrade path for current Judge owners? Can the modifications be performed oneself, or will older Judges need to return to Taurus for professional reconfiguration? Will there be other options, like perhaps a silencer?

    Is it also true that Magtech is planning to make a subsonic armor piercing .410 shotshell specifically for use in the Tactical Judge?

    1. Is it also true that Magtech is planning to make a subsonic armor piercing .410 shotshell specifically for use in the Tactical Judge?

      Don’t say that out loud!

    2. Todd, a threaded version is coming with the future release of the Taurus Raging Operator. The TRO will feature a 9″ fluted HBAR and the new proprietary Taurus Barking Walrus built-in muzzle brake, for rapid reacquisition of the sights, enabling the operator to engage multiple targets in quick succession.

      1. “For rapid reacquisition of the sights”

        Hey neat, that means that the new model actually HAS sights.

      2. What the hell. They forgot the attachment for launching sub orbital tactical nukes and where in the hell is the landing strip for the bombers?

  9. “Front sight! Front… ” wait a minute.

    which should I focus on? red dot, fiber front or green dot? oh wait, no co-witness. SNAP!

    seriously, is this thing for real?

  10. I’m with those above on the bayonet or grenade launcher. Maybe a pintle mount? Would be the shit mounted on my mom’s Pacer! Be the king o’ the trailer park!

  11. I honestly feel sad that there exists a human with a pulse that would purchase such a device.

    I really like my Raging Bull 454, which is a nasty hand cannon. The triple locking setup is dignified, if not redundant.

  12. I’m not sure what it says about the Judge, and how ridiculous it is in the first place, that I didn’t realize this was a joke post at first. My first thought was “do they know no shame?”

  13. Do you think they will offer a fully automatic version with thermal imaging sights for use for mall security details?

  14. If Tarus made this, I’m sure there would be a market for it. The same one that would buy a golden Desert Eagle with “diamond” encrusted grips or try and find a leg holster for their AK pistol.

  15. I like the belt fed idea.. it could come with metal ammo cans to dispense the belts, and tracers every 5 rounds. Two men to carry the cans and one operator should fill the bill

    Also, what about water cooled? That would be the bees knees

  16. It won’t be complete until Extreme Shock releases the Fang-Face Anti-Terrorist Air Freedom Round in a .410 slug version.

  17. Taurus should make a few. Some Walther Mitty type who thinks he is a 21st century Rambo will buy it.

  18. I’m in…almost. Throw in a cup holder and anti-lock brakes and it’s a deal! Wait! What apps come with that?

  19. How you supposed to hook up a tactical three point sling? How about a threaded barrel for flash/noise suppressor? Needs a bipod and night vision, at least; wouldn’t want to be seen in broad daylight with such a fine weapon, your jealous fellow mall ninjas would knock you over for it. Or fall over, or something.

  20. I will not be interested until they make a version in a “big boy” caliber. I wonder what kind of power you could get with a .338 Lapua out of a snubbie barrel?

  21. It’s nice but, I think that I’m going to keep my Hi-energy, lost electron, pulse laser rifle.

  22. At the risk of being laughed at, I confess to be a Judge owner. Like any gun, it can be effective within it’s limits. I carry mine primarily as a snake/varmint gun. It’s fun to shoot, and reasonably accurate to 25ft. with .45 loads. This, however, is totally absurd. I am confident that they WILL sell, just not to me.

  23. wow….finally a laser and a tactical scope to help me get raccoons out of the pecan trees….

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