1. It’s not like PMags are rare. Doing this puts absolutely no crimp in the availability or low price of full capacity PMags. Not everyone has the option of escaping the sunshine curtain and getting to a free state like I did, so I won’t hold this against them.

  2. I agree, but I DO see the point that they would make GREAT hunting magazines for various platforms that you can still manipulate like a real-deal magazine.

    Of course making a 10-rounder which is really just good for AWB states, but not for more universal hunting regs is kinda lame.

  3. Remember, the California AWB (or as I call it, the “cool looking gun ban”) is 100% based on cosmetics, and zero percent on logic. You know, “shoulder things that go up,” and such.

    So, when someone can legally own a gun, or mags, that look like evil black plastic tools of death, but somehow aren’t legally defined as black plastic tools of death, the anti-gun crowd sheds a tear. Defeating the cosmetic aspects of the ban is basically defeating the entire ban. So I say, bring on the “10/30” mags as we call them.

    Author’s note: For anything other than slow target shooting, bullet buttons and ten round magazines really do suck. But there is a huge reason to own them in CA: because you can.

  4. You can also own “real” magazines as long as they are taken apart and reside in pieces as “rebuild kits.” I have a whole mess of little 10-rounders from CProducts, and if you go down to the ground, instead of using the 30-round mag as a bipod you can just use the damn grip. That’s LOW.

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