Gen4 Glock vs. Gen3 Glock

A side by side comparison video of the Gen4 Glock 19 and the Gen3 Glock 19.  Some interesting issues with extraction on the Gen4 Glock 19, which may or may not be due to the dual captive recoil spring.  The dual spring system was designed to help mitigate the recoil on the .40 S&W Glocks, and from what I understand the Gen4 G22 is now much softer shooting; I’ll be interested to see if these issues continue with the 9mm versions as they hit the market.


  1. I never was a Glock guy. When I held one at the NRA expo here a few years back it actually hurt to get a decent grip on it.

    But I waaaant a Gen4 g19.

  2. Watched the vid..I believe the guy may be SLIGHTLY biased. Especially since he said he’s shot Gen 3’s for years. Get someone that has never shot either and have them test it out.
    Once the bugs get worked out, that is.

  3. You buy a plastic gun for lighter weight and then complain about harsher recoil? Why?
    Get a steel gun and you wall have less recoil, duh.

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