1. Get a couple of GripMasters, keep one at home, toss the other in your car or truck for the long drive to work. I use the 7lb medium (red) units to build hand and finger strength – 100 reps, each hand, twice a day.

    You will be amazed at how much better your trigger pull, grip and steadiness improve – regardless of what gun you are using.

  2. Caleb, sorry for the product endorsement without checking with you first, but I’m really pleased with the results from the Gripmaster and they have greatly helped me and my daughter in shooting sports.

  3. I carry a S&W M442 in a pocket holster. My primary practice routine is to shoot falling steel plates. My gun club has ten 8″ plates set up on two racks of five—just right for my 5-shot snubbie.

    My practice routine is at a range of 7 yards to draw and fire at one rack of 5 plates, practice reloading from a speed loader I carry in another pocket and shoot the remaining 4 plates. I wish I could get all ten plates at once, but that’s what practice is for.

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