Your carry gun part 2

A week or so back, I wrote the “What does your carry gun say about you” post as a lighthearted jab at the various guns that people carry.  I left some off the list, not intentionally but rather because they just didn’t occur to me at the time.  I also had a lot of people ask me questions, like “what do you carry?”  When I am not carrying a gun for an article or for a review, I carry either a 5 shot revolver and a speedloader for it, or I carry a 1911.  Like many 1911 owners, I also have a box full of spare parts and magazines; the mags I’ve had the best luck with personally have been the McCormick 8 round magazines.

I have really enjoyed everyone’s comments to the original post, the “user added” ones about their various guns were pretty fun, and I had a quite a few laughs!  So by popular demand, I’m doing a couple more for some guns that were left off the list.

What your carry gun says about you, continued


What you think it says: I choose to arm myself with the weapon of choice of the United States military, used by steely eyed killers across the globe to slay our enemies in CQB situations.

What it actually says: I really liked Lethal Weapon.  Like, a lot.  It is possible that I have a Martin Riggs mullet-wig.


What you think it says: This gun is the most commonly used firearm in NATO countries, adopted by many nations for use in their elite forces.  It combines the best of the new world and the best of the old world, it’s so awesome that Jeff Cooper used it as the basis for the Bren 10!

What it actually says: I am a gun snob.  I wanted a high capacity 9mm, but something exotic and european.  I drink lattes and drive a foreign car.

Springfield XD

What you think it says: A grip angle reminiscent of the 1911 with safeties that are familiar to the shooters of JMB’s classic pistol, but with a high-capacity magazine and lightweight polymer frame!  Truly we live in a fantastic modern age.

What it actually says: Marketing works on me.  I didn’t buy this gun when it was being imported as the HS2000 and was 200 bucks cheaper, but slap “Springfield” on the slide and show me some pictures of Rob Leatham looking cool with one and I’LL BUY IT YES.


What you think it says: I carry the finest example of the 1911 platform in existence.  Built to exacting specifications by master pistolsmiths and used by the top competition shooters in the world, this is truly the modern example of a samurai sword.  Plus, they used them in Monster Hunter International and that book was rad as hell!

What it actually says:  I have LOTS of money.  Instead of buying a sensible pistol for $500 and spending the other $2k on ammo, mags, and training I chose to blow half a month’s salary on one gun that is so expensive I’m afraid to shoot it.  However, Monster Hunter International was still awesome as hell.

That’s it for this time, but post more in the comments!  Those were great, and you guys were killing me with them!


  1. PPK

    What you think it says: Bond, James Bond

    What it really says: Scully, Dana Scully

    (That is, the first year of The X-Files.)

  2. EAA Witness

    What you think it says: What’s not to love about a gun that uses the time-tested CZ action and comes in 9mm, .40, 10mm or .45ACP?

    What it really says: That chick in their TV commercial has a great pair of gazongas, and I’ll buy anything she tells to.

  3. What does me carrying a Kel-tec P-11 say?

    What you think it says: I am a frugal customer who appreciates innovative design in my carry guns.

    What it really says: I do not mind being Kel-Tec’s QC department.

  4. Desert Eagle

    What you think it says: I want serious protection so I carry the most powerful auto loader in existence! I’m a REAL Man!

    What it actually says: I’m stupid and enjoy feeling like I have a cinder block strapped to my side because they use these in all the cool movies!
    At least one “gun” I carry is big and impressive, unfortunately neither has been fired in more than practice…….

  5. Ha! I drink cappuccinos, not lattes. My VW Beetle was built in Mexico, so that doesn’t count. Geez, not even close:)

  6. Wait, CZ owner’s aren’t like that, we’re umn, err,

    *pauses, remembers about the Honda Civic in his garage and the decaf no-whip mocha he had for a nightcap last night*


  7. Well, I gots me both a euroweenie tupperware car (smart) and a euroweenie tupperware gun (Glock)….

    Bother are reliable and a good way to start a flamewar 🙂

  8. I can get a STI for the same price as a Kimber. Direct from the factory which is about 20 miles from me and sells to concealed license holders. Or I could get a Colt and hope it works. Or spend 2 months salary on a Wilson or Brown and hope they work. PS, when I was a concealed carry instructor, guess which brand I saw malf during qualifying? Uh, Colt, Brown and Wilson.

  9. Series 70 and older Colt 1911s:

    What I think it says: I was into guns when you were just a twinkle in your parents’ eyes. Western Civilization peaked in the 50s, and there is no craftsmanship that compares to what Colt produced in the good old days.

    What it reallys says: Get off of my lawn!

  10. “Series 70 and older Colt 1911s:

    What I think it says: I was into guns when you were just a twinkle in your parents’ eyes. Western Civilization peaked in the 50s, and there is no craftsmanship that compares to what Colt produced in the good old days.”

    What it really says:
    I’m an old grouchy guy with an old gun that still works just fine, that and I’m too old to figger out how those newfangled guns work…….
    Shut up and let me get back to my nap………..

  11. I drive a cop car, hate coffee and my guns are CZs. My CZ 75 KADET is the absolute best handgun I’ve ever owned and it proved it when I tested to be a firearms instructor. (Their training rifles are great, too!) The groups were amazing, with a little help from me. And I got my 9 mm along with the .22 as the KADET is a conversion model that is California legal. I LOVE being a gun snob, a CZ gun snob, that is! 🙂

  12. Kahr

    What you think it says: “I am a dialed-in handgunner, who appreciates a quality American-made firearm small enough for EDC. Offset feedramps are innovative and cool, too.”

    What it actually says: “I thought the skinny Asian ad chick was sexy, so I bought this here gun. Oh, and Moonies are cool! too!”

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