1000 Rounds a month

Remember last month’s challenge?  Did you make it 1000 rounds of logged and tracked centerfire ammo in the month of August?  I did, but I barely scraped by.  Here are my log entries for the month of August:

8/7/2010 46 Ruger SR9c – 00
8/10/2010 17 Ruger SR9c -00
8/10/2010 207 Ruger SR9c – 00
8/11/2010 250 Ruger SR9c – 00
8/17/2010 45 Ruger SR9c – 00
8/19/2010 150 Ruger SR9c – 00
8/19/2010 105 Ruger SR9c – 00
8/22/2010 90 Ruger SR9c – 00
8/24/2010 45 Gun Blog 9mm
8/26/2010 150 Ruger SR9c – 00
8/26/2010 50 Ruger SR9c – 00
8/29/2010 124 Gun Blog 9mm

That works out to 1279 rounds in August. Sadly, I’m not going to come anywhere near my 2009 round count numbers in 2010; between work and Top Shot I just haven’t been shooting nearly as much as I’d like to. I am on a good pace in September though, over 500 rounds fired in the course of just over a week.

Now for September, we’re going to have a slightly different challenge. Instead of shooting over 1000 rounds that you log, I want you to pick a standard drill. El Presidente, a USPSA classifier, FAST Drill, whatever you like. Shoot it once cold, then through the month continue to revisit the drill. The goal should be to improve your score by 5-20% depending on the drill and your skill level. If you’re a C-class USPSA shooter, practice the drill until you can shoot it fast enough for B-class, that sort of thing. The important thing to do is pick a metric that you can use to objectively measure your performance, and then pick a goal for improvement.

Also, if you did the 1000 round challenge, post your logs and results to the comments!


  1. I put about 250-ish rounds through the LTC9 at Louis’s class.

    About another 100 rounds through it at other range sessions.

    I am made of fail.

    As an unemployed bum, I just flat can’t afford to shoot that much. Literally 5% of my gross income goes to .22LR alone…

  2. Combine http://www.classifiercalc.com with the USPSA classifiers. They are a great tool. Using only 6 target stands I can set up 26 different practice sessions and compare my results to the USPSA class scales. Set one up and shoot it about a dozen times. Then work your way through each of them throughout the year. Most don’t have enough movement. Compliment this will movement drills and lots of dry fire.

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