Top Shot Elimination interviews

Here are the final interviews from the three contestants eliminated from Top Shot on Sunday night’s show.




As an aside, I’ve enjoyed the format of the last episode much better.  Strictly as a viewer, I prefer the “Ultimate Fighter” style elimination where it’s entirely your performance and not politics.  But that’s me only as a consumer saying what I enjoy watching!


  1. Dammit….I’m still a week behind. This is one of those rare times where I wish a particular RSS feed didn’t have the full story.


  2. The gun nuts… errr… enthusiasts over at The High Road prefer the all-shootey format, too. I don’t know if this type of show will bring in the casual viewer, though. I suspect History Channel and Pilgrim TV are conducting focus groups and polling to find out, though.


  3. Agreed 100%. Elimination based on interpersonal politics is completely against what the show is billed as. Of course unless being the “best shot” includes finding alternate uses for your kneepads…

  4. I was pulling for JJ but after I seen Peter with the “I love AK47 t-shirt” I’m on his wagon now.

  5. Wonder if you could run a show a la “Chopped” where you have a smaller # of contestants, a smaller prize, but a new crop per ep. Rig a shoot house for panopticon, and have your talking heads do critiques during the run and on the contestants’ AARs.

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