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No sword, no matter how perfect, is much use if it just hangs over the mantelpiece looking pretty. Shoot your defensive firearms, people.  Take them to the range.  Get them dirty.  Clean them sometimes.  Shoot them more.  Say I went out and bought an STI Rangemaster in 9mm for Bianchi Cup Metallic Division (I yearn for this gun in a decidedly inappropriate way, btw).  The gun starts at $1500 MSRP, but the additional touches I’d have put it on it would definitely drive that cost up.  So then after I’ve had one of the top 1911 companies build a gun according to my specs, would I let it languish in the closet not getting shot?  No way.  Shoot your guns.  Shoot them lots.

In fact, here’s my challenge to you.  Pick one gun from your collection that you compete and/or carry.  I want you to try and shoot 1000 rounds through that gun this month.  If you already shoot 1,000 in a month, try for 2k.  And don’t just do magazine dumps in to the berm at 5 yards, make these rounds count.  Shoot for accuracy, or speed, practice drills you’ve seen online, but try to shoot 1000 rounds through the month of August.  I’d be very interested to see how that goes!


  1. ” Shoot for accuracy, or speed, practice drills you’ve seen online, but try to shoot 1000 rounds through the month of August.”

    I’ll do it! I think I’ll use my HK45…

  2. 1000 rounds a month?!?! Hell of a challenge. Here I was proud of myself for doing 1000 rounds in 4-5 months.

  3. Todd, that’s just cheating. You should do 2 or 3 thousand, because you’ll shoot 400 rounds in an afternoon!

    Freiheit, it’s not as hard as you think. I don’t even care if you do it with a .22, although I’d rather it was through a centerfire competition/carry gun.

  4. Caleb — Normally, I’m shooting 1,500-2,000 per week. I’ve got the weird calluses and bone spurs to prove it!

  5. Even as soft as the HK45 recoils for a .45, I can imagine that just doesn’t feel nice after a while.

  6. Do we use the traditional gun store math?

    For # of rounds, the count is multiplied by 8.

    “I dun shoot my pistol gun, eight hundirt rounds last week alone.” Jethro shot two 50 round boxes =100 X 8= eight hundirt

    For range, the number is divided by 5.

    “I dun shot that dear at five hundirt yards.” Cledus shot the deer at 100 yards as 500/5=100 hundirt yards.

  7. I’d shoot 1000 rounds through my Sig P250 9mm if i could afford 1000 rounds. 😐

  8. I’m with Nick on this one…. if I could afford 1000rds of 40 a month, I would GLADLY shoot it….
    I still have to get my new Todd Jarrett Edition Para 40SW broken in, just gotta get the money to get a few cases of ammo

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