Hoosier Regional Classic GSSF Match results available

Link to the .pdf file is here for the match results from the 14th Hoosier State Regional Classic.  My first GSSF match ever, shooting a borrowed gun?  I’m pretty happy with a 5th place finish in my division.  I shot the gun in two separate divisions, Civilian Stock (like Production) and “Competition”, which is designed for the longslide (G24, G17L, G34 and 35) models although other models may compete as well.  In GSSF, there are two bands of competitors, Masters and Amateurs.  A master is anyone who has won 3 GSSF events, or is a Master or higher in USPSA, ICORE, or NRA AP (not IDPA).  Master and Amateurs compete against one another in the Competition division, however the Civilian Stock division is for Amateurs only.  I am clearly an amateur by their rankings, so I shot Civilian Stock as my primary division and Competition for giggles.

In Civilian Stock division, which was my “primary” division, I finished 5th place out of 68 shooters.  I can live with that!  In the Competition division, I ended up 24th out of 57.  No excuses there, I pulled some really bad shots and just blew up on the plates.  My first two runs on the plates were 3.56 and 4.01, then I pulled a 7.55 followed by a 7.32.  Apparently, I forgot that I had a front sight on my gun.  My score in Competition division was more than 12 seconds slower than my score in Civilian Stock.  Lesson learned – shoot better!

I really did have a blast shooting this match – great people, great stages, and good weather made spending 234 rounds of 9mm well worth my time.  If you’re a Glock owner, check out GSSF’s website to see if there is a match near you.

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