Gun Nuts Radio: Peter Palma from Top Shot

I nearly died laughing last night during Gun Nuts Radio with my buddy Pete from Top Shot.  We were talking about our mutual loathing of the undead (zombies) and Pete said that while he’d enjoy being able to ride his go-kart from one end of town to the other during a zombie apocalypse, it wouldn’t be that great because you’d not be able to get orange juice any more.  That stream of consciousness is why I am desperately hoping that the Top Shot DVDs will have an “outtakes” and “unused footage” section, so we can get all of Pete’s random thoughts.  To hear our interview with Pete, check out last night’s Gun Nuts Radio.  The show is also available in .mp3 format.

One of our leading source of downloads are our friends on iTunes/iPods/iPhones. That drives a HUGE number of listeners, so thank you to everyone who downloads us via that stream. Here’s the link to Gun where you can pick up the latest episode and all our archives. Thanks again to Pete for coming on last night’s show – to everyone out there, check out his Facebook fan page.

There’s no new episode of Top Shot next week, but we’ll be coming back Tuesday night on the Blogtalkradio Network – next week our big news is the official launch of the HAVA Charity Auction and our first recap of the Quest for Master Class! Listen live, or catch the download at!