Top Shot debuts to 2.1 Million people

The numbers are in for the Sunday night series premiere of Top Shot on History, and they’re actually pretty good – especially for a cable reality show!  We beat Breaking Bad on AMC, a Jersey Show special on MTV (yeeeesssss), The Tudors, Treme (what the hell is a Treme?) and a couple of other shows that aren’t really worth mentioning.

Let’s keep the momentum going guys, keep telling friends and family about Top Shot and climb in the ratings!


  1. Really enjoyed the first episode. Not a fan of the reality show format, but I think it works in this case and can deal with it.

    Judging by the number of discussions running on the various forums about the show, it seems to me that the producers have accomplished their mission. Even the people that hate the show seem to be watching it, at least judging from the number of cretins who’ve posted in various forums.

    Also, Treme is the new series on HBO from the guy that did The Wire. It’s one of those sprawling epic shows with a lot of characters and story arcs in it, and it revolves around post-Katrina New Orleans. It’s pretty good stuff.

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