1. There’s also some promotion on Xbox Live, including Gamer Pictures for all the competitors.

  2. Looked like one shot, one hit there with the second stage! Nice work, Caleb (and the blue team, had a lot of fun cheering on “the old man with the rope”).

  3. Congrats on your shooting in the first round.

    Incidentally, as an amateur spook, I found it interesting what side channel information leaked in the bio videos I watched. You have to be paying attention, but there’s spoilers in those videos (or, at least, in the two I watched, namely Mike’s and Caleb’s). I think I’m going to hold off until after the first run. One set of spoilers was mostly irrelevant; the other, not so much. Normally I don’t care about spoilers, but I think I’ll make an exception for this show.

    Question regarding the first ep – is scotchtaping the off-eye of the shooting glasses a normal thing?

  4. My wife is not a shooter, but she sat and watched the show right beside me. Part of it was my connection to the sport, part of it was Colby (I do believe the phrase “Rawr rawr” has heard from her at least once), but the relationship and personalities are what kept her watching. Creating a show that appeals to shooters is one thing (Michael Bane does an excellent job of that every Wednesday night): Creating a shooting show that appeals to non-shooters is something much harder, and it looks like History Channel has cracked that code. Congrats to them, and nice shooting, Caleb!

  5. My wife walked in about halfway through, and when they replayed the show again at 11 o’clock she wanted to see the half she missed. I’d take that as a good sign.

  6. re: Ian Argent

    A spoiler happened in the episode itself: during the quick cut montage before the episode’s elimination round they showed one of the two 600m targets being hit, and included its color coded outline.

    Since we had been shown which shooter was on which side of the range just before that frame…

  7. I saw the cut, but not the range marker. In fact, I had thought it was a shot of the 200m target and was showing the standings as of that point.

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