Quest for Master Class: Next gun

After June, phase 1 of the Quest for Master class will be complete.  I have my Enhanced Service Revolver Master tag, and the three major matches I’m shooting with my 625 in June will round that one out.  The question is what do I start with in July?  I have three options, Custom Defensive Pistol (.45 ACP), Stock Service Pistol/Enhanced Service Pistol (9mm, and I’m going to use the same gun for each), and final Stock Service Revolver (.38 Special revolver w/speedloaders).

I’ll shoot whatever you guys want me to shoot next.  Remember, the whole thing is going to be shot with guns that people actually carry, which will be revealed once rounds go downrange!

Once the Quest for Master class series is complete, we’ll start in on the Pistol Caliber Carbine evaluations.


  1. Enhanced service pistol.

    Not with the usual plastic wondernine so common nowadays.

    Go with a classic: a custom Browning Hi Power. It’s still an excellent carry platform but can be made to look beautiful unlike your typical Glock (and I love Glocks).

    Now that I got myself salivating I have to get to work on mine.

  2. Dude,
    Single Stack 45 acp Custom Defense Pistol
    (7 round mags, start with 8 in the gun, slide lock reloads on all the stages less than 15 rounds)

  3. If you really want to go with a “stock” pistol, get a common brand most people would likely buy rather than an obscure caliber. Not that they’re bad weapons, cuz they ain’t, but the “average common Joe or Jayne” isn’t going to buy them. Nor are they as likely to buy a revolver these days.
    My choice- XD Service 9 (since you specified 9mm)
    Shy III

  4. I voted SSR before looking at the other remarks.

    You know the path that must lie before you, Caleb. See you this summer.

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