1. Here’s an interesting though: the whole purpose of such rails is that you can attach modular components to your rifle, configuring it to suit any job. How much adaptibility do you need, though? Are there any attachments which are considered vital by a lot of people, for a lot of jobs, and hence don’t need a rail system, but are better off permanently attached?

  2. 60 round magazine? Make them hippies cry! Though the vibe I’m getting reading through links is that reliability is iffy.

  3. If even… Tapco is good quality sh*t. The crap they have attached is obviously UTG/Leapers.

    Great way to screw up an already 100% reliable firearm… put rails and silly string all over it and see how it falls off in combat.

  4. AK by design is second to none and only real drawback was the sights, lack of rails to mount an optic sigts low .And the re–design is a bit deaper reaching than meets the eye,due to top cover having to hold zere repeatedly its now hinged and aditionaly has a bolt near the stock to fix it rigidly ,also new are the sights and a 4 stack 50 round magazine .
    AK with a nice red dot will shoot as acurately as most M4 and be much more reliable.

  5. it all comes down to price, I mean a krebbs custom can give a bushmaster a run for it’s money but you could have just bought 3 or 4 standard ak’s. Methinks they might have tried to shellac a turd……..

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