Team Glock on Gun Nuts

Big thanks to Dave Sevigny and Randi Rogers for taking time out of their schedules at Bianchi Cup to chat with me on Gun Nuts Radio last night!  Dave and Randi are class acts, and even more so are extremely knowledgeable about the shooting sports – there are a lot of National Championships split up between those two, and with any luck they’ll be claiming two more at this year’s Bianchi Cup.  To listen to last night’s episode featuring Team Glock, click the preceding link.   If you’d prefer a portable .mp3 file, click here.

As usual, the episode is available for download on Caleb Giddings - Gun Nuts Radio | Blog Talk Radio Feed for you Apple product users and you can subscribe to the Gun Nuts RSS feed if that’s what tickles your fancy.

The show also covered the upcoming HAVA Charity auction. We’ve got some great products and gear that we’re going to be selling for charity, so keep it here for updates. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and check out the Gun Nuts Gear shop where you can find all kinds of goodies like the Tactical Coffee Mug.

Check out the show next week at 9pm Eastern time as we bring more of the latest info on the shooting sports and guns and gear!

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