History's Top Shot Play & Win Sweepstakes

This is pretty cool, actually.  Top Shot on the History Channel is teaming up with XBox Live to help promote the show and get video gamers into real life shooting.  Check out the contest details here!

They also have a video posted on the Top Shot Facebook page which is pretty cool, features three of the cast and some cool high speed camera shots of things getting hit by bullets.


  1. The money quote in that video:

    “We were the best guys (at N64 James Bond) and I noticed growing up that we became some of the best young shooters in the sport.”

    There are literally *millions* of young boys and girls who have grown up with first-person shooters, and NRA is still runs ads with bucolic images of father and son on a hunting trip, posing out in the woods.

    Head. Wall. Bang. Repeat.

    At least History Channel is willing to do what the NRA refuses to even consider.

  2. yeah, I think it’s cool as hell. I grew up playing FPS games and they had a big influence on me getting into the shooting sports! I can do stuff in real life that Counterstrike kiddies can’t even dream of these days.

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