Weekend activities

In addition to the Indiana 2nd Amendment March that’s being held this weekend from 2pm-5pm, if you are so inclined you could also head out to Atlanta Conservation Club for our monthly Steel Challenge club match.  It’s just 10 bucks for a day of shooting, and there just isn’t anything more fun that blasting steel on a sunny Saturday.  There’s a category at our steel matches for just about anything, .22 rifles and pistols, Glocks, wheelguns, 1911s, bring ’em all!

Steel Challenge, and shooting steel in general is definitely my favorite of the shooting sports if for no other reason than it’s entirely unambiguous.  You either hit the steel or you didn’t; there’s no A, B, C, D zones to worry about, no running around, no reloading (unless you screw up) – in my opinion it is the purest of the shooting sports in that it tests your ability to shoot the gun at the highest level possible.

It doesn’t hurt that you get to go really fast, either.  Come on out!

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