Indiana State IDPA Championship

Put my entry for the Indiana State IDPA Championship in the mail today.  I’ll be shooting Enhanced Service Revolver again this year with my S&W 625.  I’m pretty excited about this match this year.  It’s been bumped up to June from October in previous years, which (hopefully) means we won’t be shooting in the soggy rain or the freezing cold.  Last year, I shot the match in pouring rain, and the year before (shooting in ESP) I shot it in 30 degree weather.  I joked with one of the other shooters at last year’s match that “just once” we’d like to shoot it warm and dry.

Hopefully this June will be our chance to shoot it warm and dry!  Once I get back from my leave of absence, I should have about a month to practice for the match by running myself through various IDPA stages and preparing for the major.  I’m also hoping to shoot the Indiana USPSA Sectionals this year using the same gun and load – can’t get too much trigger time.


  1. I think there is some sort of unwritten rule that major matches must have bad weather.

    I’ve shot about 25 state level or above matches shooting cowboy and I’d say about 75% of the time the weather sucked, if it isn’t raining all weekend, the heat and humidty are through the roof. I was at a Regional in southern NH at the end of July and some shooters came up from Georgia and they said the heat and humidty was worse then it was in Georgia.

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